Weddings Only Directory Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I (supplier) edit my listing?

  • If you are not registered yet, go to "Supplier Registration" and register first.
  • Then you should "Login" and go to "My Account".
  • Select "My Listing" / "Claim a Listing" and claim your website's listing.
  • You will be asked the password of the listing ("Listing ID" and "Password" were emailed to you when you listed your website, you can see the password in admin area too). This is for security checking.
  • After this, you will be able to manage this claimed listing within your account, modify it, change description, add or remove images, etc.

Q: Determine whether a site is appropriate for submission!

  • Do not submit Gambling or Sex related websites.
  • Do not submit websites with illegal contents.
  • Do not submit mirror sites. Mirror sites are sites that contain identical content, but have altogether different URLs.
  • Do not submit URLs that contain only the same or similar content as other sites you may have listed in the directory. Sites with overlapping and repetitive content are not helpful to users of the directory. Multiple submissions of the same or related sites may result in the exclusion and/or deletion of those and all affiliated sites.
  • We have a policy against the inclusion of sites with illegal content.
  • Do not submit sites "under construction." Wait until a site is complete before submitting it.

Q: What are the Maximum IMAGE and LOGO sizes that we can upload?

  • Maximum Logo size is 100kb, but dimensions have to be 180px wide by 120px height
  • Maximum image size is; 150kb, 520px wide, 400px height

Q: What are different packages?

  • Basic Listing - Normal exposure. A Listing that has not been upgraded is a Basic listing, includes link to your website, short description, contact form, snapshot of your website.
  • Premium Listing ($198 per annum) - Maximum exposure, All of the above plus up to 500 words description, company logo, Website URL, email, 3 images, Google map and contact information. The Premuim Listings are coloured differently and appear on top of the Basic Listings.
  • Sponsored Listing + Photo Gallery ($348 per annum) - Every thing you get with Basic and Premium Listings plus total of 9 more images in a seperate photo gallery with slide show, etc.". The Sponsored Listings are coloured differently and appear on top of the Premium Listings.
  • Click Here for detailed information

Q: Can I upgrade my basic listing?

  • You can upgrade your basic ad by "Login" and go to "My Account" and choose one of the few options available

Q: What is Editors main function?

  • Editors main function is to approve/disapprove of new listings, to check old listings and to write reviews of those listings.

Q: What if I have listed my website without registering myself, how can I edit my listing?

  • If you have listed you website without registering yourself first and now you want to edit your listing, you need to "Register" and go to "My Account" and then claim the listing.. After you claim the listing you are able to change description, images, etc.

Q: Whats with the weird 4 little numbers?

  • This square box with 4 numbers in it is actually an image and not letters. Just type in those numbers in the box provided. This is called a "CAPTCHA" or "TURING TEST", as it is an image rather than letters computers find it hard to fill out but for humans its a breeze. It helps stop automated submissions (A.K.A spam)

Q: How to submit your site to Weddings Only Directroy?

  • Weddings Only Directory receives many submission every day. While not every submission made to Weddings Only gets approved, most do. There's multiple reasons why a site wont get approved : Adult Content, Online Gambling, Informational Sites Stuffed with Advertisements, Non-Family Friendly Sites. But another reason can be due to the text in the submission. Thats what I want to focus this post on, the proper way to fill out the submission form.

    Lets start by looking at some examples:

  • Add A Listing Page - While some Directories will allow you to submit a listing from their home page, others require you to visit the category you will be submitting your site to. Weddings Only Directory also requires you to visit the category you will be submitting your website to. Once the Add A Listing Page is displayed, make sure you review the different listing options. There is alot to consider when choosing a listing type, so each of you will have to weigh the options on whats best and what you want for your website.

  • Title - This is one of the biggest problems I see when listings are submitted to Weddings Only Directory. The very first thing that anyone sees when searching for a listing, whether through a Search Engine, or through the search features of the directory. Having misspellings, stuffing the title of your site with keywords, and improper capitalisation of letters and words are not doing your site any favors. Having it look professional is the key! Let me give you some examples, both good and bad, so you can see the difference. First the bad examples : weddingsonly or wEddingSoNLy or deep links general directory submit now. Obviously these all look bad, completely unprofessional and unappealing. Now for the good examples : - Wedding Directory or Weddings Only - Bridal Portal and Directory. Each one of these examples are informative, to the point, and have a clean and professional look to them.

  • URL - Most sites require you to have "http://" in front of your URL. Weddings Only Directory also requires this as well. Without it, anyone clicking on your link will not get to your site. Obviously, this is important! We want anyone clicking on our links to make it to our website. Weddings Only Directory is a deep links directory so we do accept links that are pages inside of your website or subdomains, but many directories do not allow this. Make sure you check when submitting your site to a directory what their policies are on this.

  • Description - This is as important as the Title. Write a brief but informative description of your website. Make sure its clear, to the point, and you use full and complete sentences. Check for misspellings and proper grammer. Again, this is your first impression. Make sure its an attractive one.

  • Category - Make sure you are choosing the best category for your site. It should be relevant to what your site is about. Many directory owners wont take the time to put your site in its proper category if you submitted it incorrectly. They will just reject the listing. So it benifical to you to get this right from the start.

  • Contact Name - This pretty much speaks for itself. Some website owners aren't big on using their first or full names, which is fine. Some other acceptable names for this field are: Webmaster, Admin, Info, and Support.

  • E-Mail Address - Its important that you use a valid e-mail address here. The majority of directory owners appreciate and value your privacy, so they wont sell or give out your e-mail addresses. You also want to make sure that both the owner of the directory and visiting users can contact you with any questions or comments they might have. You'll want to know if your site was accepted in the directory and you'll also want to know if someone that found your listing on the directory has a question or comment.

  • Keywords - Keywords are important so that when users are searching for a site they are interested in, whether through Search Engines or the directory's search features, they can find sites that are most relevant to what they are looking for. Finding the best keywords to use for your site can be rather difficult. My suggestion would be to do some research on keywords prior to submitting your sites to directories and search engines. There is a free simple but good keyword tool that you can find here. I also found another one here called Keyword Suggestions for Google Tool.

  • These are the major componets to have correct when submitting your site to a directory.

    I also want to note that the major offenders of incorrect listing submission appear to be Directory Submission Services. The ones that promise to submit your site manually to hundreds of directories. I've seen sites submitted that have the wrong Title name for the URL, spelling and grammer mistakes, and submissions to categories that are completely opposite of what the submitted website is about. If your going to pay someone to submit your site to directories, make sure you get a complete list of all the directories your site was submitted to. Check those directories on a regular basis to ensure your site was listed, and listed correctly.

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